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The Members of SW Testing and Verification Group

Prof. Moonzoo Kim (김문주 金文) (link)


Associate professor at CS Dept. KAIST

Ph.D CIS Dept. Univ. of Penn. '01

B.S. CS dept KAIST '95 at

CS dept. #2434 (East Wing)



*** Researcher ***

Yunho Kim (김윤호 金潤浩) (link)


Postdoc Researcher [ My publications ]

Ph.D (2017.02), B.S (2007.02) in Computer Science at KAIST

2438 Computer Science Building (E3), KAIST, 

291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Deajeon, South Korea

E-mail: / Tel: 042-350-7743


*** MS Students ***

 Hyunwoo Kim (김현우 金鉉雨)

hyunwoo2M.S Student

B.S Computer Science and Engineering, Sogang University ‘16

hyunooudy at

CS dept. #2438

Phone: 042-350-7743 


Woong-Gyu Yang (양웅규 梁雄圭)

WoongHyuM.S Student

B.S School of Computing, KAIST ‘16

diddndrb12 at

CS dept. #2438

Phone: 042-350-7743


*** Alumni ***

Taejin Kim (김태진 金泰蓁)

TaeJin KimM.S Student: Graduated in Aug 2016 (now at Kakao)

B.S Computer Science and Engineering, Chung-Ang University ‘14

taejin at

CS dept. #2438



Taehoon Kwak (곽태훈 郭太勳)

Taehoon KwakM.S Student: Graduated in Feb 2016

B.S Computer Science dept, Chungnam National University '14

CS dept. #2438



Shin Hong (홍신 洪申)


Ph.D (Aug 2015) and M.S (Feb 2011); now at Handong University as an assistant professor





Yongbae Park (박용배 朴容培)

Yongbae Park

M.S Student: Graduated in Feb 2015 (Best KAIST CS MS thesis award)

B.S. CS Dept. KAIST '13

yongbae2 at




 Seokhyeon Mun (문석현 文晳鉉)

nullM.S Student: Graduated in Feb 2014 (Best KAIST CS MS thesis award) (now at the Defense Ministry)

B.S. Computer Engineering dept, Kyungpook National University '12

seokhyeon.mun at




Jaemin Ahn (안재민 安宰民)

nullM.S Student: Graduated in Aug 2013 (교과석사) (now at ADD)

B.S. CS Dept. KAIST '11

j.ahn120 _at_




Young Joo Kim (김영주 金映周)

YoungJooPhotoM.S Student: Graduated in Feb 2013 (Distinguished best KAIST CS MS thesis award) (now at S-core)

B.S. Mathematics dept Ewha Womans University '11




*** Visited Researchers ***

Dr. Matt Staats


Post-doctoral Researcher (Now at Google, Zurich)

Ph.D, CSE Dept. Univ. of Minnesota-Twin Cities  2011

BS, CS Dept. Univ. of Missouri-Rolla 2006

staatsm at


Dr.Young-Joo Moon (문영주 文英珠)


Research assistant professor at CS Dept. KAIST (Now at Samsung Electronics DS)

Ph.D CWI and Leiden University. '11

M.S. CS dept Korea University '06

B.S. CS dept Korea University '04



Prof. Gregg Rothermel


Visiting professor at CS Dept. KAIST (2010-2011)

Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA

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