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Government Projects

  1. NRF 중견연구: SW 품질 향상을 위한 테스팅 자동화 및 디버깅 자동화 기술, 2016.6-2017.5, NRF (KRW 99,000,000)

  2. 효과적인 소프트웨어 테스팅을 위한 동적 커버리지 연구, 2014.12-2016.12, NRF ((KRW 80,000,000)
  3. Tools for Highly Secure Software Development (Part III. Advanced Testing Techniques for Secure Software),  National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), Sep 2013-Dec 2016 (KRW 155,140,000)
  4. Development of Mobile S/W Security Testing Tools for Detecting New Vulnerabilities of Android, Korea Communications Commission, Apr 2013-Mar 2016, (KRW 200,000,000)
  5. Innovative Software Analysis Technology Research & Development (Part III-2 of ERC Research On Software Analysis for Error-free Computing (ROSAEC)), Sep 2008 – Feb 2015, Korea Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST)/ National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF) (KRW 245,750,000) 
  6. Testing Technique for Detecting Concurrency Bugs of Multi-threaded Programs, Sep 2012-Aug 2015, National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) (KRW 293,000,000)
  7. Highly Reliable Micro Dual Operating System, June 2012-Feb 2017, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) (KRW 200,000,000)
  8. Application of Dynamic Symbolic Execution for Binary Programs, April 2011-Oct 2011, National Security Research Institute (NSRI) (KRW 35,000,000)
  9. Improved Automated Test Case Generation through Parallelized Concolic Testing Technique, May 2010-April 2011, National Research Foundation (NRF) (KRW 49,996,000)
  10. Concurrency Bug Detection through Improved Pattern Matching Using Semantic Information, May 2009-April 2010, National Research Foundation (NRF) (KRW 48,369,000)
  11. Advanced Technology for Software Process Improvement (Part of ITRC Software Process Improvement Center), Jan 2009-Dec 2010,  IITA (KRW 33,400,000)
  12. SAT Solver Based Verification of Embedded Software for Improved Reliability, July 2008-June 2009, Korea Research Foundation (KRF) (KRW 26,400,000),
  13. Target Architecture Independent Development Technique, July 2008-Jan 2009, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) (KRW 30,000,000)
  14. Software Verification Techniques for Improved Productivity of Embedded Software, Jan 2008-Dec 2008, KAIST IT Institute (KRW 30,000,000) 
  15. Formal Analysis of Embedded Software for High Reliability, Sep 2006-Dec 2008, KAIST (KRW 150,000,000)

Industry Projects

  1. C 소스코드 대상 유닛 테스팅 자동화 프레임워크 연구(2차/5), 2016.7-2017.6, 삼성전자 (KRW 60,000,000)
  2. SW품질 향상을 위한 SW 코드 커버리지 검증 강화 연구 (2차), 2016.4-2016.11, 현대자동차 (KRW 59,500,000)
  3. C 소스코드 대상 유닛 테스팅 자동화 프레임워크연구(1차/5), 2015.7-2016.6, 삼성전자 (KRW 60,000,000)
  4. 자체개발 소프트웨어의 동적 검증 강화를 위한 Concolic 시험 기법 연구, 2015.5-2016.4, 현대자동차 (KRW 51,000,000)
  5. 백색가전 제품에 탑제되는 Microcontroller의 특성으로 인한오류 검출 프레임워크 개발, 2015.3-2015.9, LG전자 (KRW 60,000,000)
  6. Testing and Replaying Framework for Multi-threaded Programs, June-Dec 2014, Samsung Electronics (KRW 50,000,000)
  7. Effective and Efficient Embedded Software Testing by Using Concolic Testing Technique, Apr-Aug 2014, LG Electronics (KRW 50,000,000)
  8. Improved Testing Accuracy and Bug Detection Capability for Concolic Testing Technique, Mar-Dec 2014, Samsung Electronics (KRW 97,000,000)  
  9. Unit Testing Strategies for Effective Concolic Testing, Feb 2013-Nov 2013, Samsung Electronics (KRW 97,000,000)  
  10. Static Analysis of Embedded Software Architecture, Dec 2012-Dec 2013, FormalWorks Inc. (KRW 50,000,000)
  11. Performance Bug Detection Framework for JavaScript Programs, Aug 2012-June 2013, Microsoft Korea (KRW 60,000,000)
  12. Advanced  Concolic Testing Framework, Mar 2012-Dec 2012, Samsung Electronics (KRW 90,000,000), 
  13. Dynamic Analysis of Embedded Software, Dec 2011-Dec 2011, FormalWorks Inc. (KRW 50,000,000)
  14. Automated Test Case Generation Through Concolic Testing, Mar 2011-Oct 2011, Samsung Electronics (KRW 70,000,000), 
  15. Automated Test Case Generation Through Concolic Testing, June 2010-Dec 2010, Samsung Electronics (KRW 60,000,000), 
  16. Formal Verification of a Flash File System, Nov 2007-Aug 2008, Samsung Electronics (KRW 49,000,000)
  17. Formal Verification of a Flash Device Driver, Oct 2006 – May 2007, Samsung Electronics (KRW 39,987,000) (with Prof. Sungdeok Cha)  
  18. Applicable Formal Verification Techniques on Embedded Systems, Sep 2006-April 2009, LG Electronics (KRW 19,000,000)

Industry Consulting

  • Automated Embedded Software Testing Through Concolic Testing, Jan 2013-Dec 2013, LG Electronics (KRW 80,000,000)
  • Automated Embedded Software Testing Techniques, Oct 2012-Dec 2012, LG Electronics (KRW 28,600,000)
  • Formal Verification of Operation Systems, Aug 2011-Nov 2011, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) (KRW 27,200,000)
  • Application of Concolic Testing to Flash Translation Layer, Sep 2009-Dec 2009, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) (KRW 30,000,000)
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