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Scalable COncolic testing for REliable Software (SCORE)

Scalable COncolic testing for REliable Software (SCORE)


By utilizing distributed computing nodes, SCORE automatically generates a large number of test cases very fast, each of which explores a unique execution path of a target C program.  The SCORE framework employs a distributed concolic testing algorithm that can utilize a large number of computing nodes in a scalable manner to achieve (1) a linear increase in the speed of test case generation as a number of distributed nodes increases and (2) low communication overhead among distributed nodes.

SCORE overview


For example, the following graph illustrates the speed-up of test case generation for 6 SIR benchmark programs achieved by SCORE as a number of clients increases. For example, SCORE with 256 client nodes generates test cases for vim 245 times faster than SCORE with 1 client on Amazon EC2.

SCORE speed-up graph

Details of SCORE and related empirical study on the SIR benchmark programs can be found from a paper A Scalable Distributed Concolic Testing Approach: An Empirical Evaluation (ICST 2012).

For further questions and discussions, please join the SCORE user group



We provide a short tutorial to describe how to use SCORE.



SCORE 0.1.1 binary is publicly available and can be downloaded from the following link.

Currently, SCORE supports only 32bit target programs on the Linux/x86 platforms.

Download SCORE 0.1.1



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SCORE is distributed under the revised BSD license. See LICENSE for details.



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