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CS750 Advanced Automated Software Testing, Fall 14


  • No class on Nov 18 (FSE @ HongKong)

Administrative Information

Office: 2434 (located at the east wing)


E-mail: moonzoo @ c s . k a i s t . a c . k r

Office hour: TBD

(reservation e-mail would be preferred)

  • Teaching assistants:  N/A
  • Lecture hours: Tues 7-9:30 PM
  • Lecture room: 3445 (E3-1)
  • Prerequisite: experience in making seminars on SE topics at graduate level
  • Grading: paper presentation: 60%, attendance/discussion participation: 40%
  • Note: The official language in the class is 한국어.
  • Questions and answers can be done through Noah BBS


소프트웨어 테스팅에 관련된 최근 연구 논문들을 토론하는 수업입니다. 본 수업은 1주에 1학생이 논문을 세부 디테일까지 발표하고, 나머지 학생들은 발표되는 논문에 대한 다양한 질문 및 의견을 *구체적*으로 토론하는 것을 목표로 합니다. 깊이 있는 토론을 위해서 최대 10명의 논문 세미나 발표 경험이 있는 소프트웨어 엔지니어링 전공 대학원 생들만 이 수업을 들을 수 있습니다.  마찬가지 이유로 본 수업은 한글로 진행합니다.

Course Material

  • Reading list
    • Concolic testing (a.k.a. dynamic symbolic execution)
    • 1. A. Arcuri et al., "Automated Unit Test Generation for Classes with Environment Dependencies", ASE, 2014
      2. S. Bugrara and D. Engler, "Redundant State Detection for Dynamic Symbolic Execution", USENIX ATC, 2013
      3. A. Filieri et al., "Statistical Symbolic Execution with Informed Sampling", FSE, 2014
      4. J. Jaffar et al., "Boosting Concolic Testing via Interpolation", FSE, 2013
      5. V. Kuznetsov et al., "Efficient State Merging in Symbolic Execution", PLDI, 2012
      6. W. Le, "Segmented Symbolic Analysis", ICSE, 2013
      7. G. Li, et al., "SymJS: Automatic Symbolic Testing of JavaScript Web Applications", FSE, 2014
      8. P. Marinescu and C. Cadar, "make test-zesti: A Symbolic Execution Solution for Improving Regression Testing", ICSE, 2012
      9. P. Marinescu and C. Cadar, "KATCH: High-coverage Testing of Software Patches", FSE, 2013
      10. H. Seo and S. Kim, "How We Get There: A Context-Guided Search Strategy in Concolic Testing", FSE, 2014


    • Concurrent program testing
    • 1. J. Arulraj, G. Jin, S. Lu: Leveraging the short-term memory of hardware of diagnose production-run software failure, ASPLOS 2014
      2. S. Bindal, S. Bansal and A. Lal: Variable and thread bounding for systematic testing of multithreaded Programs, ISSTA 2013
      3. S. Burckhardt, C. Dern, M. Musuvathi, R. Tan: Line-up: a complete and automatic linearazability checker, PLDI 2010
      4. Jacob Burnim, Koushik Sen, Christos Stergiou: Testing concurrent programs on relaxed memory models. ISSTA 2011
      5. K. E. Coons, S. Burchkhardt, M. Musuvathi: GAMBIT: effective unit testing for concurrency libraries, PPOPP 2010
      6. D. Dimitrov, V. Raychev, M. Vechev, E. Koskinen: Commutativity race detection, PLDI 2014
      7. N. Honardmand, N. Dautenhahn, J. Torrellas, S. T. King, G. Pokam, C. Pereira : Cyrus: unintrusive application-level record-replay for replay parallelism, ASPLOS 2013
      8. K. H. Lee, D. Kim, X. Zhang: Infrastructure-free logging and replay of concurrent execution on multiple cores, ECOOP 2014
      9. P. Liu, J. Dolby, C. Zhang: Finding incorrect compositions of atomicity, ESEC/SIGSOFT FSE 2013
      10. G. Jin, A. V. Thakur, B. Liblit, S. Lu: Instrumentation and sampling strategies for cooperative concurrency bug isolation, OOPSLA 2010
      11. C. Radoi and D. Dig: Practical static race detection for Java parallel loops, ISSTA 2013
      12. O. Shacham, E. Yahav, G. Golan-Gueta, A. Aiken, N. Bronson, M. Sagiv, M. Vechev: Verifying atomicity via data independence, ISSTA 2014
    • Fault localization
    • 1. R. Saha et al., "Improving Bug Localization using Structured Information Retrieval", ASE, 2013
      2. F. Steimann et al., "Threats to the Validity and Value of Empirical Assessments of the Accuracy of Coverage-based Fault Locators", ISSTA, 2013
      3. R. Wu et al., "CrashLocator: Locating Crashing Faults Based on Crash Stacks", ISSTA, 2014
      4. J. Xuan and M. Monperrus, "Test Case Purification for Improving Fault Localization", FSE, 2014
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