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You are here: Home Courses Special Lecture: Advanced Software Analysis by Prof. Willem Visser Nov 24-28 2014

Advanced Software Analysis

Course Information

Speaker: Prof. Willem Visser

Affiliation: Computer Science, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Time: 2014.11.24(Mon)~ 11.29(Fri), PM 2:00~5:00

Location: Oh Sang-Su Seminar Room (E3-1, #4443)

Host: 김문주 교수 (T. 3543)



  • Monday (Nov 24, 2014) - Model Checking (Slides)
  1. Brief History of Model Checking
  2. The Models of Model Checking (Paper)
  3. Temporal Logic (linear vs branching) (Property Patterns Paper)
  4. Model Checking Algorithms (explicit, symbolic and bounded)

  • Tuesday (Nov 25, 2014)  - Software Model Checking (Slides)
  1. Hardware vs Software Model Checking
  2. Early days of Software Model Checking
  3. Software Model Checking
    • CBMC
    • ESBMC
    • Java PathFinder
  4. Other types of model checking (e.g. timed, probabilistic, statistical) (Survey of Statistical Model Checking)


  1. Background
  2. Symbolic Pathfinder (SPF)
  3. Classic vs Concolic
  4. SAT and SMT


  • Thursday (Nov 27, 2014) - Advanced Symbolic Execution (Slides)
  1. Green
  2. Model Counting
  3. Probabilistic Symbolic Execution
  4. New research directions


  • Friday (Nov 28, 2014) - New Ideas (Slides), Static Analysis (Slides) and Conclusions (Slides)  
  1. Test Coverage, Ranking Program Correctness and Analyzing Mutations
  2. Path sensitive vs insensitive analysis (bug finding vs correctness)
  3. Pattern based analyses
  4. Static Analysis for bug finding and testing
  5. Conclusions
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