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CS550 Intro. to Software Engineering, Spring 09


  • Mar 11th: Midterm exam on April 1st 10:30-12:00
  • Mar 2nd: Change of the class hour to MW 10:30-12:00
  • Feb 27: New project teams are announced
  • Feb 14: Project teams are announced.
  • No class on Feb 2nd
  • No class on Mar 23 & Mar 25 (ETAPS 2009)
  • Final exam on May 27 10:30 - 12:00

Administrative Information

Office: 2434 (located at the east wing)



Office hour: MW 10:00-11:00 AM (reservation e-mail would be preferred)

  • Teaching assistants: Yunho Kim and Changki Hong
    • Office hour: W 2:00-5:00 PM
  • Lecture room: CS dept. RM# 2445
  • Lecture hours: MW 10:30-12:00
  • Grading: HW & projects: 40%, Pop-up quiz & attendance: 20%, Midterm exam: 20%, Final exam: 20%
    • Late HW is accepted with 20% penalty in 1 day, 40% penalty in 3 days. HW will not be accepted after that
  • Noah BBS for CS550 for Q/A regarding the class.
  • Note: The official language in the class is English. All students should submit homework and project in English.

Course Material

- “ Fundamentals of Software Engineering 2nd ed” by C.Ghezzi, M.Jazayeri, and D.Mandrioli. Prentice Hall

- “ Applying UML and Patterns 3rd ed” by C.Larman. Prentice Hall

- “ UML Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Standard Object Modeling Language 3rd ed” by M. Fowler and K.Scott. Addison Wesley

- “ Code Complete 2nd ed” by S.McConnell. Microsoft press.

- Vocabulary for technical writing

- IEEE Standard Glossary of Software Engineering Terminology (IEEE Std 610.12-1990)

  • Internet Resource

- SEPA home page (multiple choice quiz and summary for each chapter)

- Argo UML (open source UML tool)

- UML Tutorial

Course Schedule

Wk 1-3: The Software Process

Introduction to SE, Ch1-Ch4 of SEPA

Feb  2: No class

Feb 4: Intro. to SE (1/2)

Feb 9: Intro. to SE (2/2)

Feb 11: Ch1. Software and SE and Ch2. Process: A Generic View

Feb 16: Ch3. Prescriptive Process Models 

Feb 18: Ch4. Agile Development and Overview of the SafeHome Project.

Feb 23: Ch5. SE practice and Ch21. Project management concepts

Feb 25: Ch7.Requirement engineering 

Mar 2: UML 2.0

Mar 4: Ch8. Analysis Modeling

Mar 9: Ch9. Design Engineering

Mar 11: Team presentation of "Requirement Specification" for the SafeHome prj (25 min/team)

Mar 16: Ch10.Architectural Design

Mar 18: Ch11. Component-Level design

Mar 23 & 25th: No class

Mar 30: Team presentation of "Analysis Model" for the SafeHome prj (25 min/team)

Apr 1st: Midterm exam

Apr 3rd: Case study: Re-engineering of Home Service Robot

"Re-engineering Software Architecture of Home Service Robots: A Case Study"

Appeared at International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) '05 St. Louis Missouri, USA

+ "Formal Construction and Verification of Home Service Robots: A Case Study"

Appeared at Automated Technology for Verification and Analysis (ATVA) '05 Taipei, Taiwan


Apr 6, 8: Ch14. Testing Tactics

Apr 13: Graph Coverage Criteria (slides from Ammann & Offutt's textbook "Intro. to SW Testing")

Apr 15: SafeHome Deisgn Presentation

Apr 20: Graph Coverage for Source Code (slides from Ammann & Offutt's textbook "Intro. to SW Testing")

Apr 22: Ch15: Product Metrics

Apr 27: Formal description of system behavior - Process Algebra

Apr 29: SafeHome Final Presentation

May 6, 11 CCS equivalence and case study: multiple reader/writer system

May 11: Model Checker Spin part I

May 13: Model Checker Spin part II


  • HW #3: 8.2, 8.3, 8.5, and 8.19 with swimlane diagram. Due date is Mar 29th.
  • HW #4: Due date is April 26
  • HW #5: Due date is May 25

SafeHome Project

  • We use SEPA as a main requirement source.  You have to read SEPA carefully to understand system requirements, etc. 
    • Note that SEPA's description of SafeHome is not complete.  Therefore, you have to make your own assumptions about unclear points, which must be explicitly stated
    • Post your questions regarding SafeHome project into the CS550 BBS to share the questions and answers with all classmates.  Sending e-mail regarding the SafeHome proj to me or TAs is not encouraged.
    • Each work output (i.e. document) should contain authorship information (i.e. "who did what") for accountability and maintainability.
    • NEW Team assignment:
      • Team1: Jaebok Kim, Hyunsik Cho, Francisco A. Rojas
      • Team3: Jong-joo Kim, Seul Ki Lee, Le.T.Giang, Changki Hong
      • Team4: Jun su Kim, Jinho Choi,  Le Do Tuan Khanh
  • 4 Phases (Guideline(v1.2) for the design and implementation of SafeHome)
    1. Requirement specification (10%) : Due Mar 8

      2. Analysis model (20%): Due Mar 24

      • Use-case diagram (1)
      • Use-cases (2)
      • Swimlane diagram (3)
      • Revision of RS (4)

      3. Design model (30%): Due Apr 12 ( virtual device API document , SafeHome virtual devices)

      • Sequence diagram (1)
      • CRC cards (2)
      • Class diagram (3) 
      • State diagram (4)
      • Revision of RS and Analysis Model (5)

      4. Consturction & Deployment (40%): Due Apr 28

      • Refinement of Design Model appropriate for the implementation (1)
      • Deployment diagram (2)
      • Complete executable implementation (3)
        • Java source code + JavaDoc document (softcopy only)
      • Testing cases (both unit testing and acceptance testing)  and results (coverage as well if applicable) (4)
      • End user manual (5)


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